5 | Life as a Developer

We are excited to have in the studio three senior software developers with whom we talked about all things tech, from how it was when they first got into development to programming languages and what the future holds.

Thank you for accepting our invitation:

David Wilcock – “I have been writing code in some form, for the last 30 years. Back in the days of rubber keys and azimuth screw is where I learned my love for computers. Went through sixth form college, and come out with a BTEC National in IT. I have learned a number of programming languages over the years, but have always had a fondness for PHP, so have been doing that professionally since 2001. Currently working for Gear4music, as a Principal Developer, and have been there since 2010. I am currently ranked #20 at git-awards.com for PHP in Manchester.”

Paul Aldred-Bann – “I was very recently employed by AND Digital as a Product Dev. Over the past 4 months, I’ve started my own thing and am contracting through Equal Experts at HMRC Salford developing a cloud-based platform for EPOS system and blockchain forensics. I’m looking to employ my first apprentice soon, putting them through a 12-week bootcamp via Code Nation and utilising the Apprenticeship Levy.”

Toby Mason-Barney – “I’ve been working in software development for around 7 years, mainly been working in .net/C# and the world of Microsoft from desktop applications in the legal sector to AI-based cloud education systems and now I’m working on .Net development for Insight Investment in Manchester mainly in Azure and backend data services. I also have experience with Node.js and Elixir/Erlang, plus I’m slowly trying to learn golang by writing my own programming language with it but it’s going slowly… I got into development when doing my computer science degree in Liverpool. Enjoy being in the community, I try (when I have time) to write blog posts on medium, help run Meetups (I helped run CodeUp Liverpool for a while and am hosting/speaking at the next Behind the Buzzword in Manchester).”

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